Get To Know Jenna!

Jenna has been an esthetician & makeup artist for 12 years. She is originally a Louisiana girl but Dallas,Texas has made her into the artist she is today. As a young girl Jenna knew she would be in the beauty industry. She began learning skincare & makeup techniques before she started middle school and was already licensed & working by the time she graduated high school.

Jenna’s Philosophy

Skin care and makeup go hand in hand in ensuring permanent beauty. Women often use makeup to temporarily hide flaws. We believe it should not be this way. Taking care of your skin both eliminates flaws and provides a clean, healthy palette for makeup to further compliment all women’s natural beauty. 

From her own experience on her wedding day to the experiences shared with brides she has worked on through the years, women want to be at their most beautiful not just on the day of, but on the events leading up to, and on their honeymoon after. 

Cheap makeup products can leave your skin in bad shape in the following days. Jenna Thomas Beauty uses only the highest quality oil-free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic makeup products to ensure exceptional skin health and beauty throughout the magical process of getting married.

This approach on makeup, paired with multiple facial packages only helps achieve this. Taking care of your skin prior to your big day is a crucial part of wedding preparation. Facials allow removal of blackheads, and buildup along with sloughing of dead skin cells. This will allow your products to penetrate your skin giving your makeup a flawless palette.

We believe this approach makes us unique from all other makeup artists. Jenna cares about your skin and beauty beyond your wedding day and is dedicated to making you look and feel at your most beautiful on your wedding day, and for years beyond.